DPC CodeNight


This year DPC and AmsterdamPHP will join force again to host a very special event during the conference: The CodeNight.

On Thursday (Tutorial day), after you are done visiting the tutorials, we invite you to head on down to the center of Amsterdam and join us. Come join a night of fun, coding and interacting: this is not just a hackathon, its a space to come contribute to open source projects, debate and create new project but also interact, learn and get to know developers all around you.

Food and drinks will be provided, so you do not have to hunt down your own plate of food in the wild Amsterdam nights. We do recommend you bring your laptop and bring your will to create and contribute.


For the CodeNight we invite open source project maintainers to sit down and work on their project. People who want to participate in an open source project can help discuss new features, write some code, tests or documentation.

The CodeNight is a community event. It's a co-production of AmsterdamPHP and DPC. This means the doors are open for anybody who's interested!

The CodeNight will take place on June 23rd in Rockstart, Herengracht 182, Amsterdam. The evening starts at 18:30 and there will be food and drinks for you.



If you work on open source software and would like to participate as such: let us know! Please fill in this form.

We hope you are as excited as our combined team is to get this party started.


Projectname: Symfony
Description: PHP framework for web projects
Things to work on: Triage issues, resolve bugs, learn how to contribute, get answers to your Symfony questions
Maintainer: Jakub Zalas

Projectname: Eris
Description: Eris is a library and PHPUnit extension for property-based testing
Things to work on: Adding Generators for not yet covered types (e.g. objects)
Maintainer: Giorgio Sironi

Projectname: PHPSpreadsheet
Description: The successor to PHPExcel, a Pure PHP library for reading/writing native format spreadsheet files (xls/xlsx/odc/gnumeric/csv/etc)
Things to work on: Upgrading code to use short array syntax and other syntactic sugars available with PHP 5.5; renaming various existing classes to give them more appropriate names (e.g. Readers/Writers from Excel5/Excel2007/OOCalc to xls/xlsx/odc) to make them more meaningful; checking all docblock definitions to ensure that they are correct; converting all DateTime objec type-hinting to DateTimeInterface; updating documentation and example code; converting test data files from a proprietary format to json format; and various other tasks
Maintainer: Mark Baker

Projectname: Composer
Description: dependency manager
Things to work on: documentation (everyone hates it, but it is quite vital in this project), bugs, possibly minor (easy to pick up) features, etc
Maintainer: Rob Bast

Projectname: Live Broadcast Bundle
Description: The Live Broadcast Bundle aims to make live streaming video to platforms like Twitch, Facebook and Youtube as painless as possible. This project is currently in alpha stages, but is already used in production for Twitch by Spinnin' Records. Current development focusses on multi-platform command support, supporting more platforms, paying off tech debt and documentation
Things to work on: Add more output channels, create an RTMP input, code refactoring, writing tests, writing documentation, squashing bugs, investigate if it can be independent from Symfony in any way. A demo of the project is available which runs using PHP/SQLite. If you want to test the broadcasting itself it will depend on a few small prerequisites for your OS, and if the connection will hold
Maintainer: Martin de Keijzer

Projectname: Puli
Description: A module system for PHP based on Composer
Things to work on: Documentation, features, bug fixes, JavaScript awesomeness :)
Maintainer: Bernhard Schussek

Projectname: AspectMock
Description: AspectMock is not an ordinary PHP mocking framework. With the power of Aspect Oriented programming and the awesome Go-AOP library, AspectMock allows you to stub and mock practically anything in your PHP code!
Things to work on: We plan to upgrade AspctMock to use Go AOP v2 and get full rich support PHP 5.6 and PHP7.
Maintainer: Michael Bodnarchuk

Projectname: Go! AOP Framework
Description: Modern Aspect-Oriented Framework for the PHP
Things to work on: It would be great to add some documentation for the project to help developers with quick-start and development. Alternatively, increase a code-coverage for the project by adding more tests
Maintainer: Alexander Lisachenko

Projectname: PHP
Description: The PHP language
Things to work on: - Bug fixes - Help with Github PRs - Documentation stuff - Security reviews - Other ideas
Maintainer: Julien Pauli

Projectname: ramsey/uuid
Description: A PHP 5.4+ library for generating RFC 4122 version 1, 3, 4, and 5 universally unique identifiers (UUID)
Things to work on: I have a number of open issues and feature requests that are tagged for the 4.0 release. Any of these would be free for hackathon attendees to work on: https://github.com/ramsey/uuid/issues Additionally, I have a few pull requests that need other eyes on them for review, and one in particular that I need help running benchmarks against to compare to benchmarks shown in a Percona blog post. See https://github.com/ramsey/uuid/pull/118 and https://www.percona.com/blog/2014/12/19/store-uuid-optimized-way/.
Maintainer: Ben Ramsey

Projectname: PHPCompatibility
Description: A set of sniffs for PHP_CodeSniffer that checks for PHP version compatibility
Things to work on: Open issues and compatibility for PHP 7
Maintainer: Wim Godden

Projectname: WhichBrowser
Description: WhichBrowser is a library for device detection. Want to know what devices the visitors of your website are using? WhichBrowser can analyse the headers that the browser sends and tell you which browser, operating system and what device your visitor is using.
Things to work on: Create a public API that gives out information about current browser versions. The actual data needs to be scraped from various sources to make sure new versions are automatically picked up when a new browser is released.
Maintainer: Niels Leenher

Projectname: HTML5test
Description: HTML5test is a website for testing web platform features in the browser. Basically it runs a whole bunch of feature detection tests and awards points for features that are supported. The project is largely frontend, but contains some backend code that is written in PHP.
Things to work on: 1) General overhaul of the backend using modern PHP techniques. 2) Create a system for running the website automatically on a large number of browsers and browser versions using BrowserStack and generate "verified" results based on the collected data.
Maintainer: Niels Leenheer

- The DPC team and AmsterdamPHP group