DPC CodeNight


This year DPC and AmsterdamPHP will join force to host a very special event during the conference: The CodeNight.

In 2014 you had a chance to come out and spend the night hacking away at the hackathon, this year we want to give you a bigger and better experience which we have dubbed, the CodeNight.

On Thursday (Tutorial day), after you are done visiting the tutorials, we invite you to head on down to the center of Amsterdam and join us. Come join a night of fun, coding and interacting: this is not just a hackathon, its a space to come contribute to open source projects, debate and create new project but also interact, learn and get to know developers all around you.

Food and drinks will be provided, so you do not have to hunt down your own plate of food in the wild Amsterdam nights. We do recommend you bring your laptop and bring your will to create and contribute.

The first step towards a successful hackathon is getting inspiring people and projects that can get the fun started, so if you have a great idea or need more developers to help you with your awesome project or library, get in touch using this form and tell us about it.

It can be any size project, from platforms like joind.in to composer packages like league/tactician, make sure your documentation is up to date for newcomers and that you have plenty of issues tagged and ready for them to solve.

Don't have a project?

That's fine, do you have a great idea you want to start?
Do you want to sit down and do code katas with a new group of developers?
Maybe just play around with a few APIs, or even just sit down and talk over problems you ran into at work, a big social brainstorming. We hope this night gives everyone a chance to interact and learn something new, either in practice or in theory.

Reserve your seat

When you purchase your ticket for the conference, be sure to flag the "CodeNight" option so we can reserve your seat.

Not going to DPC? Well you should first reconsider that option, but if you still cannot make it and are a member of AmsterdamPHP, you can still join us! Keep an eye on the AmsterdamPHP meetup site (http://meetup.amsterdamphp.nl) for details.

We hope you are as excited as our combined team is to get this party started.

- The DPC team and AmsterdamPHP group