PHPBenelux will be hosting this year’s DPC and DMC hackathon on June 26 from 17:00 until 22:00.
You might ask yourself a hack-a-what? During the evening everyone gathers to hack on the best in open source software. Maintainers and contributors collaborate on their favorite projects to make it even more awesome. There will be food and drink vouchers and of course it’s a great opportunity to get to know new people, projects and technologies.

I am a project maintainer

If you run your own open source project and you could use a hand with it, please fill out this form. Please make sure that you’ll be present at the event to guide the people in your workflows and any other questions they have.

I am a coder

So you like to code? You like to have a look at the internals and how others solve certain programming problems. Be sure to visit the hackathon. You can sign up here and check the available projects below. All you’ll need is a DPC/DMC conference ticket and a laptop and you’re ready to go! Join the hackathon, find a table with your favorite project and get hacking! The maintainer will be there to guide you through anything you want to know about the project.

Among the attendees PHPBenelux will raffle 3 Raspberry Pi XBMC bundles.

Projects at the Hackathon

Below is a list of all the projects that will be hosted at the hackathon. Please check back on a regular basis to see what project you will want to join, we will update the list on a weekly basis.

Name project: Gush

  • A short project description: Gush is a game changer and every developer uses it or should if they aren't yet. Is the perfect tool for FOSS and the tool at work to be fast with merging Pull Requests and working on issues and automating the flows. https://github.com/gushphp/gush
  • The project needs help on: https://github.com/gushphp/gush/issues    
  • What kind of technologies are preferred to have knowledge of when joining? Php, github, console app
  • Name of host during hackathon: Luis Cordova

Name project: Joind.in

  • A short project description: Joind.in is the event feedback site, created by the community and for the community.  We work on making sure speakers get the information and recognition they deserve ... oh and we also help keep everyone informed about events, CfPs, and really all other things event-related.  In technology terms we've got virtualisation, Slim framework, RESTfulish APIs, mobile apps, redis and responsive design - and git of course - and we're happy to show them off!    
  • The project needs help on: Our new mobile site http://m.joind.in, our API backend http://api.joind.in, our apps http://m.joind.in/apps and maybe even our existing website http://joind.in!  We have a vagrant setup to get you going quickly and we're working on a couple of big new features that we'd really like help with (badges for speakers and conferences, and also much better support for user groups using joind.in). Join us :)   
  • What kind of technologies are preferred to have knowledge of when joining? PHP - we'll help you with the rest.
  • Name of host during hackathon: Lorna Mitchell

Name project: Nocilla

  • A short project description: Testing HTTP requests has never been easier. Nocilla: Stunning HTTP stubbing for iOS and Mac OS X.
  • The project needs help on: Ensuring extensibility.
    Extending the project for common usages like stubbing JSON with an NSDictionary.
  • What kind of technologies are preferred to have knowledge of when joining? Objective-C, unit testing
  • Name of host during hackathon: Luis Solano

Name project: Doctrine Project

  • A short project description: Doctrine Project is an incubator for persistence-oriented APIs and frameworks.
    Doctrine deals with data mapping/transactions/storage abstractions and helps PHP projects grow fast and decoupled.
  • The project needs help on: We need help in finalizing the Doctrine ORM 2.5 documentation and release, reviewing pull requests and spotting possible bugs.
    We also need to go through the existing issues and evaluate what may land in the future versions of the ORM.
  • What kind of technologies are preferred to have knowledge of when joining? PHP, Doctrine ORM, Doctrine Common, Data Mappers
  • Name of host during hackathon: Marco Pivetta and Benjamin Eberlei (Doctrine tickets)

Name project: Cute little interpreters

  • A short project description: An informal workshop where you can learn how to build your own little programming language! Beginners are very welcome! Learn stuff, do stuff, play around!
    There is no fixed schedule, but we will prepare some introduction to lexing, parsing, interpreters. Most of the time will be spent actually building little machines and being creative with them.
  • What kind of technologies are preferred to have knowledge of when joining? Basic knowledge of any programming language, lots of enthusiasm!
  • Name of host during hackathon: Igor Wiedler

Name project: Magento

  • A short project description: A chance for anyone to interested to hack on Magento.
  • The project needs help on: More features!
  • What kind of technologies are preferred to have knowledge of when joining? PHP IDE and Step debugger.
  • Name of host during hackathon: Ben Marks

Name project: gitTio

  • A short project description: gitTio is the package manager for Titanium modules and Alloy widgets to make extending your native mobile apps easier then ever. The Node.JS CLI can be found at: https://github.com/fokkezb/gittio
  • The project needs help on: A growing list of feature requests for the CLI to be more extendable, stable and some new cool features like private registry support and widget demo's.
  • What kind of technologies are preferred to have knowledge of when joining? Node.JS, GitHub, Console
  • Name of host during hackathon: Fokke Zandbergen

There is no need to register for a certain project so you can always change your preference.