Automating PHP upgrades with Ansible

PHP 5.6 (the most widely used version of PHP by a large margin) has reached End of Life and end of Security Support. That means developers around the world must work to upgrade their sites to newer PHP versions, or risk exploits that won’t be patched for their version. Learn how I helped my organization update to PHP 7.2 using Ansible to build vagrants and web servers, upgraded PHP unit test suites for compatibility, and redeployed our entire infrastructure- while swapping web server software from Apache to Nginx at the same time. Brief overview on my blog:

What you'll learn from this talk:
  • Scalable ways to use variables for easy upgrades in the future
  • Deploying infrastructure and vagrants with Ansible
  • Best practices for testing compatibility
  • Creating servers from templates, tags, and playbooks
10:45 - 11:30 intermediate talk E105 Conference day 2 Janna Hilferty Overview 0 0 0
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