DPC CodeNight


On Friday, after you are done visiting the first conference day and had some dinner, we invite you to join us for CodeNight in the RAI. Come join a night of fun, coding and interacting: this is not just a hackathon, its a space to contribute to open source projects, debate and create new projects, but also interact, learn and get to know the developers all around you. For the CodeNight we invite open source project maintainers to sit down and work on their project. People who want to participate in an open source project can help discuss new features, write some code, tests or documentation. We do recommend you bring your laptop. And ofcourse your ambitions or aspirations to create and contribute to our fantastic PHP community!


The CodeNight will take place on June 8th in the Ruby Lounge, RAI Amsterdam, Entrance E. The evening starts at 20:30 and there will be snacks and drinks for you.


If you work on open source software and would like to participate as such: let us know! Please fill in this form.



Description of project

A Website that intends to help match up conferences wishing to find sponsors to fund scholarships, creches/childcare, live captioning, quiet rooms, OSMI attendance, etc with businesses and companies wishing to sponsor specific diversity aspects at conferences

Description of work to be done

Basic Laravel code has been written, but requires feature improvements (design and development), and front-end design and usability improvements


Description of project

Smart static analysis for PHP

Description of work to be done

Several aspects may be undertaken :
+ review existing analysis and hunt for false positive in real life code;
+ create new analysis;
+ Document analysis creation

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