Conference social


We warmly invite you to join us at the DPC Conference Social on Friday evening June 7th between 17:30 and 23:00 in the main conference hall. 

Based on feedback we received we decided like last year to stay in the RAI venue after finishing the last talk on the first conference day. We’ll start with soup, french fries and snacks. Around 20:00 we’ll kick-off the social consisting of parallel subevents.

Of course we’ll have a traditional social with lots of drinks, but next to that we’ll organise a CodeNight, GameNight and new this year the SlideShare Karaoke and Escaphpe sequence.

On a more serious note, conference sessions are a great way to pick up textbook technical knowledge, but as professionals we learn a lot from general discussions with one another.

With so many interesting and talented people from the industry, as speakers but of course also as attendees, we want to take the opportunity to meet you all and allow everyone to mix and share ideas. We consider this event an integral part of the conference, and we hope you will join us!


Come join a night of fun, coding and interacting: this is not just a hackathon, its a space to contribute to open source projects, debate and create new projects, but also interact, learn and get to know the developers all around you. Check out which projects are signed up already or are you an open source maintainer and want to participate as such, please fill in this form.


Going to a PHP conference in an inspiring activity. During the sessions you get overwhelmed with information on development- and computer related topics. By the end of the day, your mind is tired of absorbing all this information. What better way to unwind than by playing games! No computer games, but by sitting down with your fellow developers and play board games and card games. Expect games like Robo Rally, Santorini, Firefly The Game, Plague Inc, King of New York and Pandemic. Want to bring your own games? Please read our Guidelines first.


This year we're adding a fun new activity to the social, SlideShare Karaoke. If you've never played, it's a simple game where you step and present a few short slides. There's just one catch: the slides are randomly chosen from the internet and you've never seen them before! Improvise and bluff your way to victory as you lecture on giraffe migratory patterns, teach quantum economics or share your favorite restaurants in downtown Toledo. You don't need to prepare anything except a good sense of humor.


You have only 20 minutes of credit left in your cloud hosting account, the billing card has expired and your boss; the only person in the company with the account password has just set off for a three week vacation in the deepest darkest depths of the last place on earth without mobile coverage. Fortunately your boss keeps all the important passwords written down all you have to do is find the right one. Can you solve the puzzles in time to prevent a production outage?

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