Introducing the DPC GameNight 

Going to a PHP conference in an inspiring activity. During the sessions you get overwhelmed with information on development- and computer related topics. By the end of the day, your mind is tired of absorbing all this information. What better way to unwind than by playing games. No computer games, but by sitting down with your fellow developers and play board games and card games. This is exactly what we're going to do on the Friday night of Dutch PHP Conference. After the sessions are over and you've had some food, you can sit down at one of the tables to play one of the many board and card games that we'll have available for you.

Bring Your Own Games

Our GameNight Host Stefan Koopmanschap will be bringing a whole lot of games you can play. Expect games like Robo Rally, Santorini, Firefly The Game, Plague Inc, King of New York and Pandemic. But why stop at that? You are invited to bring your own awesome (party) games for more fun to be had. If you don't want to carry them around all day, find the GameNight Host in the morning and he'll keep the games safe during the day.

Some guidelines

Before selecting the games you're bringing to the GameNight, please think about which games to bring. We're trying to create a friendly and safe environment for everyone during the conference, and that includes the GameNight. Some games are better suited for playing in a room with good friends who you know well instead of a public place with many people you don't know.


Do you have any questions about the Game Night, do not hesitate to contact the GameNight Host. He can be reached on Twitter @skoop.

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