Schedule live!

Schedule live!

We proudly present the schedule of the 2023 Edition of Dutch PHP Conference, full of high-level technical and non-technical sessions. This conference will be hosted by Caneco. We are thrilled to host the DPC speakers who are willing to share their knowledge on Friday October 13, 2023.


The Dutch PHP Conference will be moving forward to an online-only format.

Dear PHP community,

We wanted to provide some context and background on our decision to move the Dutch PHP Conference (DPC) to an online-only format going forward.

Our journey from Gitflow to Trunk Based Development

"Having worked with Gitflow for years, we have recently transitioned to a Trunk Based Development approach to accommodate the expanding needs of our product. During this session, we'll quickly go over the differences between both branching strategies before diving into why we switched. We'll then explore the steps we undertook to make the transition possible: We'll discuss how we restructured our software development lifecycle, the initiatives we set up to foster the adoption, how did we use Feature Flags to achieve Continuous Deployment, how Feature Environments and Non-Regression Tests upped our confidence in shipping to production every day, and finally we will share the mistakes we made along the way.

Sophie Fischer

IT-architect and entrepreneur