Parking & Directions


Public transport in Amsterdam
The OV-chipcard is the means of payment for the public transport system in The Netherlands.
If you are not a regular user of public transport in the Netherlands,: the disposable card is a practical choice. After usage, the card cannot be reloaded and can be thrown away. The disposable card can be purchased in much the same way as you used to buy a train ticket before: per journey or combination journey, for example, 5 same-day return journeys or an OV day card. It can be bought at the (bus) station.
To buy public transport tickets for Amsterdam go to  Public Transport Holland Shop.

By Metro, Tram & Bus
If you arrive at Amsterdam Central Station (CS), you can take the express metro 51 (travelling time: 14 minutes, exit at the Amsterdam RAI station) or tram 4 (travelling time: 25 minutes, exit at the RAI Europaplein).
If you are travelling by train to the Amstel station, you can take the express metro 51 (travelling time: 5 minutes) or the bus (route 62), which will bring you to the RAI within 7 minutes. In this case you should get off at RAI Europaplein. From Amsterdam Sloterdijk station, the best way to reach the RAI is with express metro 50.

By Train
NS-station Amsterdam RAI is 300 meters from the RAI and has regular connections to all parts of the Netherlands.


By Car/Motor
The RAI is situated alongside the Amsterdam’s A10 orbital motorway (exit S109) and has its own underground car parks. Numerous signboards indicate repeatedly to the RAI. You have to navigate to: Europaplein 22, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Car park
You can buy a ticket online for € 20,- per day (normal day rate € 24,-).  The license plate of your car will be read automatically by a camera as you enter the garage. You will not receive an exit pass. You can pay the parking fee related to that license plate at the payment terminal before leaving the garage.
When exiting the garage, your license plate will be read by the camera and the barrier will open automatically. Receipts are available from the payment terminal.

Motor park
Motor cycles park for free in the parking zones for motor cycles outside of the parking garage.

Parking for people with disabilities

People with an official European parking card for the disabled (GPK) can use these special parking spaces, which are located close to the exit of the building. It is not possible to book a parking space for people with disabilities. The RAI has several of these spaces. Should they be occupied, a parking attendant will help you find the best possible spot. People with disabilities pay the normal RAI parking rate.

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