How to lead brilliant developers

Conference day
15:00 - 15:45 CEST

Sometimes the most talented developers can also be the most frustrating to work with. They may obsess over minor details, insist on rigid adherence to peculiar rules, or simply not play well with others. So, how do you lead someone who is brilliant but frustrating?  

In this session you’ll learn how some smart people see the world differently, understand the mind-sets which not only make them great but also give them grief, and discover how much they need your leadership. In the end you’ll leave with practical plans to reduce frustration and help the brilliant programmers on your team shine even brighter.  

What you'll learn from this talk:

- How great attention to detail can lead to indecision, and how you can help.
- What you can do when a team member doesn't work well with others.
- Why patterns and predictability are crucial, and how to tweak them when needed.
- How to avoid the clash between ambiguity and literal thinking.
- Why disagreement is crucial to success, and how to handle it.